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The Adirondacks of Upstate New York.
When you're floating in a hot air balloon in the Adirondack region, the only thing that will disappoint is you won't be able to see all of the area with one flight. What you will see are amazing views of the mountains, trees and waterways that make up this beautiful region. On clear days you can see for miles and miles, marveling at how peaceful and undisturbed the Adirondacks are. And if you time your trip right in the Fall, the leaves changing colors on the trees form an unforgettable image in your mind. As an added bonus, on most clear days you can catch a glimpse of the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The Adirondack Region of New York is one of the most spectacular areas of the country to live in, spend the summer in or just visit for a day or two. There are many different towns and attractions to enjoy throughout the area, and each offers its own blend of outdoor activities and Adirondack charm.

There's Lake Placid with its Olympic Village and serene Mirror Lake. There's Lake George with its own 'Village' and lake to spend time at while taking in the natural beauty of the area. And then there are smaller towns like Lake Luzerne, Blue Mountain Lake and Ticonderoga, each offering unique experiences to visitors, from fishing, camping and hiking to touring historical monuments and taking at the scenic views that define the Adirondacks.

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