Hot Air Balloon Ride flying Weather for the Week

Got skunked this weekend on flights  that I was available to fly passengers. The only real flight opportunity this weekend was on the Saturday evening flight, which I was not available to do with son Grant in-town from CO. We had dinner at Bistro Tulluluh’s planned for a family outing. If you have not had the opportunity to eat there, do! Anyway back to the weather, Monday is a good flying day, except for this morning’s fog, and hopefully tomorrow AM will be good for our planned ride. Weather goes down hill for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. After that, we look to potentially have our longest stretch of dry weather since mid May. Let’s hope that we finally get this dry stretch because the flight area is very wet. The ability of the chase vehicle and crew to drive into fields to retrieve the balloon and passengers is not good at this time without some significant drying time out in the flight  country.

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