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The Algonquin

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Since it was a beautiful afternoon, and as expected, many of the weekend visitors have or are leaving, so we decided to drive up to Lake George and have a late lunch on the deck at the Algonquin, just south of Bolton Landing on Rt 9N. The Algonquin has a large outdoor deck area for alfresco dining and beautiful lake views. You go to the Algonquin for the view on the water, not the food, which is ok, similar to other eateries of this type in the area, including some that I’ve written about earlier, like the Docksider on Glen Lake, and The Cave at Cooper’s Cave Brewery in Glens Falls.

The Algonquin on Rt 9N just south of Bolton Landing

Eric and Tani heading into the restaurant

Alfresco dining under the outdoor canopy

The view off the deck

More deck dining options

Balloon Ride Flying Weather for end of May into 1st Week of June

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

The forecast is looking much better than it’s been, heading into the first week of June. While it will be increasingly hotter until a cold front passes on Wednesday, there will be a lot less rain for the period. Today, Sunday looks to be similar to yesterday, with less rain/storm coverage and windy conditions. Monday should be a better day with a chance of rain and/or storms in the afternoon due to a lingering front. Tuesday should be dry and hot. Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday we get a cold front passage with more seasonal temps behind the front. Also, we should be dry into the coming weekend. We have space available on a number of flights, so call if you are interested in flying.

Mollie’s Mason Jar in Lake Luzerne

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Went over to Lake Luzerne today to have lunch at Molie’s Mason Jar, actually it’s in Hadley which is right next to Luzerne. Wifey and I have been trying to find this place because of the owners wife – Ling Ling, who before moving over to Hadley/Luzerne, owned and operated the best, and I do mean the best bakery ever over near me in Queensbury, Bakers Dream. We were anxious to try it out in hopes that Ling Ling was doing some baking. Chatted a bit with her on the way out, and she unfortunately said she pretty much has relegated herself to hosting duties and whatever needs to be done in the background, not baking:-( This girl was magic in the bakery. By moving she probably saved my cholesterol. Anyhow, the food that we had for lunch was good for what you might expect from Hadley. Since she’s not baking, we decided we’d rather either head north to the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor in Chestertown or our fav lunch/brunch place, Steininger’s over in Salem. The food is just as good or better and the drive is much more interesting. I’ve bloged on both of these places earlier.

Molly's Mason Jar. There is a golf course, Bend in the River across from it.

The inside is done-up in a Mission Arts & Crafts stlye, probably an old hotel from 20's

Maestro’s at The Van Dam

Friday, May 27th, 2011

On Wednesday, wifey and I went down to Saratoga Springs to check-out the new digs for what’s been our fav Saratoga place for good eats, Maestro’s. Maestro’s used to be a small, intimate bistro that had a European flare and great food – I did an earlier blog w/pics from the old Maestro’s last year. Now, it has moved just a couple of buildings down Broadway into a much larger space, that at one time was the Rip Van Dam Hotel. While we loved the intimacy of the bistro style, I understand the wishes of the owners to move into a much bigger space. Now, Maestro’s at The Van Dam has morphed into another upscale Saratoga Springs type of eatery. The old hotel sports a rather large, long balcony typical to the day when the Rip Van Dam Hotel was in it’s heyday. It makes for a grand, but noisy location to dine alfresco. We decided to eat off the Prix Fixe menue.

Enjoying snacks and drinks

The Goat Cheese & Herb Ravioli was very tasty. Tani's salad was, well...salad.

Tani's Wild Salmon was fantastic, while my Hickory smoked espresso glazed BBQ 1/2 chicken was so salty I couldn't finish it. I did enjoy the baked beans that came with it?

For the Dessert Course, we selected one of each that was offered on the Prix Fixe menue. Lemon Cheese Pie and White Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding. The Bread Pudding was the better of the two.

While we were a bit disappointed with the new look, I’m sure they will do fine as Saratoga is definitely an upscale kind of place. We’ll be back, but probably won’t make it our default Saratoga place to dine. Saratoga offers a number of options for good eats.

Holiday Weekend Forecast

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Well, here it is, the all important Memorial Holiday Weekend Forecast, as it stands right now on 5/25 @ 8 AM. Unfortunately, today looks to possibly be the best day through the weekend. The weather looks to get warmer and become unsettled right through Sunday, especially on Friday into Saturday. We start-out with Wednesday as a beautiful mild, sunny day and light winds. The nice conditions should last through most of the night. Overnight, a Low Pressure Center is forecast to move to the Eastern Great Lakes, bringing a Warm Front toward the Northeast. A pre frontal trough will be over the area on Thursday morning, with the Warm Front moving north, stalling along the Canadian Border. There will be a chance of rain and convection as the Front moves through, leaving the area with increasing warmth and humidity. Waves of Low Pressure will move along the front, keeping the area unsettled. Friday looks to be the most active day as the Front sags south and stalls over the Forecast Area, providing a focus for convection. Saturday and Sunday will feature a warm and humid air mass. A series of disturbances will move through on Saturday and Sunday ahead of a Cold Front, bringing a chance of rain and thunder. Most convection will be tied to peak heating of the day, mid to late afternoons. The Front will lift north as a Warm Front Sunday night, leaving us with Hot and Dry conditions on Monday and Tuesday. OK, to summarize; a beautiful Wednesday, not so Thursday and Friday, chances of rain and storms on Saturday and Sunday – especially in the afternoon, hot and dry on Monday and Tuesday. Happy Holidays everybody, enjoy the weekend!

Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Weather for the Week into the Holiday Weekend

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

In a word, the forecast is not good. Wednesday looks like the only dry day all week. We have a warm front today, a cold front tomorrow, other disturbances Thursday and Friday, which they currently are forecasting to stall, with waves of low pressure moving along the stalled front. Basically it means, a continuous period of on and off rain showers and storms thru the weekend. Check back later in the week for updates as we get closer to the Memorial Holiday Weekend.



Weather Forecast heading into the Weekend and early next Week

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The forecast for the weekend is advertising improving weather daily, with Sunday being the best day of the weekend. Depending on whether you are a glass half full or half empty type of person, the forecast for next week currently offers some for both. The current near-term forecast is advertising breaks in the overcast and some sun, improving each day thru the weekend. We will still be under the influence of an upper level disturbance through Saturday, and with the daily increase of breaks in the overcast and with the instability aloft, billowing clouds will form with chances of showers and storms each afternoon thru Saturday. A brief period of high pressure will move-in for overnight Saturday and early Sunday, before a warm front begins to influence our weather by Sunday afternoon with chance of showers, again. Fog could be an issue for Sunday morning unless the high brings very dry air aloft, otherwise all the dampness from the recent rain will be sure to cause extensive fog if the sky clears overnight on Saturday. Now this is where you glass half full or half empty folks come in, after the warm front passes, we will be under the influence of a warm, moist southwest flow (probably scattered showers in the afternoon due to instability). One computer model keeps us in that moist southwest flow for most of the coming week, and one brings a cold front through our area late Tuesday, with improving conditions by Wednesday morning. This is backed-up by the HPC 7 day long range forecast maps. I’ll go with the HPC (the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center), how’s that for a name.

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Back in 2008, the fam got together for a gathering at the brother’s place in Vero Beach FL. Part of the trip was a schlep up to Kennedy Space Center for a tour, just before the launch of STS 126-Endeavor, which just made it’s last launch to the International Space Station today. We drove up north to Satellite Beach, just north of Melbourne to watch the night launch of Endeavor on 11/14/08. It was quite a spectacle, even being about 15-20 miles south of the launch. I’ve posted on my facebook page a video I took of the launch, if you are interested in seeing it, click the highlighted hot link. There were tons of people crowded on the beach and other pull-offs to watch the launch. When it was done, the traffic back-up heading back to the main-land was unbelievable. Fortunately, we just headed down A1A with no traffic.

The Fam tour of Cape Kennedy

The fam heading into Cape Kennedy to take the tour.

On the tour, the assembly building where they put the Shuttle together.

the track they bring the assembled shuttle along to the launch site from the assembly building

Where the track splits to the two shuttle launch sites

Endeavor on it's pad ready to launch

The Apollo rocket

Standing under the Apollot rocket

Sis Kit, bro Richard and me, in front of the Space Shuttle flight simulator

The rocket garden on the way out at the end of a full day

Balloon Ride Flying Weather for this Weekend and next Week

Friday, May 13th, 2011

The forecast for this weekend and a good deal of next week, is not exactly favorable for doing much flying. While we’ve had some beautiful weather this past week, not much of it was flyable due to windy conditions from the coastal storm. That’s too bad, because right now, we are getting our most colorful spring look to the countryside. All the flowering trees are in full bloom and the leaves are just unfurling with a varied hue of green and red, that will all become a monotone shade of green when they are at full size.

The soft pastel look of the countryside on our May 12 flight

The soft pastel look of the countryside on our May 12 flight

5/12/AM Hot Air Balloon Ride and Forecast for the Weekend

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Flew Dick and Nancy from Mayfield on this beautiful early May morning. Early May is a very colorful time with all the flowering trees in blossom, and the leaves are just beginning to unfurl, showing various shades of green, real pretty.

Dick and Nancy on a beautiful morning flight!

Dick and Nancy on a beautiful morning flight!

The weather forecast isn’t looking very good after Friday. So if anyone wants to go for a flight, and take-in this lovely early spring scenery, better call to go either tonight or Friday morning. After that, it will be probably toward the latter half of next week before it’s flyable again.