Weather Forecast heading into the Weekend and early next Week

The forecast for the weekend is advertising improving weather daily, with Sunday being the best day of the weekend. Depending on whether you are a glass half full or half empty type of person, the forecast for next week currently offers some for both. The current near-term forecast is advertising breaks in the overcast and some sun, improving each day thru the weekend. We will still be under the influence of an upper level disturbance through Saturday, and with the daily increase of breaks in the overcast and with the instability aloft, billowing clouds will form with chances of showers and storms each afternoon thru Saturday. A brief period of high pressure will move-in for overnight Saturday and early Sunday, before a warm front begins to influence our weather by Sunday afternoon with chance of showers, again. Fog could be an issue for Sunday morning unless the high brings very dry air aloft, otherwise all the dampness from the recent rain will be sure to cause extensive fog if the sky clears overnight on Saturday. Now this is where you glass half full or half empty folks come in, after the warm front passes, we will be under the influence of a warm, moist southwest flow (probably scattered showers in the afternoon due to instability). One computer model keeps us in that moist southwest flow for most of the coming week, and one brings a cold front through our area late Tuesday, with improving conditions by Wednesday morning. This is backed-up by the HPC 7 day long range forecast maps. I’ll go with the HPC (the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center), how’s that for a name.

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