Samantha’s Cafe for Lunch

Today, met wifey and sister-in-law Marie for lunch at Samantha’s Cafe at Union Square. Samantha’s is a funky kinda place that’s in an old, turn-of-the-last-century industrial building, that’s been redone and turned into a mix-use, commercial space building. There are around 5 or 6 different businesses housed within the building.

The inside entrance to Samantha's

I think it has a cool, old style industrial look to the space. Notice the high celing and the above wood plank floors. I don't know the history of the building, but coulda been a sewing operation, there were lots of those around back then.

Marie had a Pulled Pork samich, I had a Cuban Pannini, and wifey had salad-as usual.

Then I went up to the 3rd Floor to visit with Chris Archibee at Mannix Marketing for some updates to my web site.

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