Hot Air Balloon Flights for the Week

As far as flying weather goes for this year, it’s been a fair week for getting some flights done. Monday wasn’t too bad a day, but a lack of wind made for a couple of canceled flights.

A recent flight.

Flew Ray and Pat on Tuesday morning, up over Argyle.

Then it rained late in the day, heavy rain and big thunder to add to our rainfall total so far this flying season. The next couple of days were not flyable until we got to Friday. The weather going into the 4th Holiday weekend offers some opportunities for flying.

The Neumann Family on Friday morning.

Ron took his grandson Ryan up for a ride on Friday afternoon. Here's a look at the interior of our hot air balloon basket. It offers a level of comfort you generally don't find on a balloon flight. It's first class all the way!

A view of the underside of our balloon while in flight.

Coming in for a landing, followed close behind by another balloon on Friday.

That’s it for now. We didn’t fly on Saturday morning due to fog and a lack of wind. Sometimes little to no wind is more of a problem that a lot of wind, plus it makes for a boring flight since you don’t go anywhere. I’m not in the business to offer customers a boring experience. It should be good for our flight tonight, then more rain late tonight and for Sunday. Hopefully, it won’t be another hard rainer. The 4th may be ok for flying as should Tuesday and early Wednesday before the next weather system shuts us down until at least Friday.

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