Weekend Flyers and Flying Weather for the Week of 7/18

It was truly a beautiful summer weekend with clear skies, nice temps and low humidity, plus good flying conditions. To finish up posting my riders for the weekend –

On Saturday evening, I flew Ellen and Paul. Ellen is holding a picture of friends who arranged this flight for them as a gift ride with us.

On Sunday morning, I flew Guido and Paul. Sunday AM was the last flight for the weekend, as the surface winds stayed up due to the thermal heating from the warm afternoon sun. A beautiful day to be vacationing in our area, but not for doing an afternoon flight in a hot air balloon.

Today, Monday the 18th is bringing what looks like numerous storms which appear to be coming in waves today, into the early evening. The forecast weather should clear for Tuesday and remain summery for the balance of the week. After Tuesday, the heat and humidity will continue to build to the point of being a heat wave – 3 successive days of temps in the 90s. Looks like we get a frontal passage sometime late Thursday/early Friday, just in time to clear and drop the humidity and temps a bit for the coming weekend. I have space available on a number of flights this week, so call or email me if you want to fly! Mornings will be the best bet with the HHH weather.

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