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Santa by Hot Air Balloon

Monday, December 19th, 2011

How does Santa deliver all those gifts to all the kiddies when there is no snow for Santa’s sleigh?

Wire photo of a flight I did with friend Art Binley on 12/23/79 from the Empire State Plaza in Albany. We took off next to the State Christmas tree and the State Capitol Building so this shot could be framed by the photographer, Skip Dickstein..

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Flight!

Been on the Road Again!

Monday, December 12th, 2011

We’ve been on the road again, visiting our friends the Leahy’s in Clayton two weeks ago, and this past Saturday Rick and Roseann for lunch at 2 Brothers in Middlebury VT.

On the road to Clayton on Rt 28, just past North Creek, along the Hudson River.

The further we got up into the Adirondacks, we found snow on the ground. It has been a mild winter so far.


The Rt 28 bridge crossing Long Lake – all open water, no ice so far.


Arriving in Clayton


Casa Leahy on John Street in Clayton.

Tani and Jane enjoying the evening holiday parade in Clayton

great fireworks after the parade.


An early morning stroll down to the river.


Boat on the water – Clayton is part of the 1000 Islands district, right on the St. Lawrence River.


a very sleepy downtown Clayton, early morning.


Wall mural art at the Koffee Kove Restaurant.


Another early morning view of the St. Lawrence River, looking toward Canada.


Sunset over the Adirondacks, heading south on Rt 87, after visiting w/bro Steve in Plattsburgh. It was a good lunch, but a long day of driving – about 4 hours to P’burg from Clayton, and then another 1.45 hrs. to Qby and home.


Last Saturday, we met our friends Rick and Roseann in Middlebury VT for lunch at the 2 Brothers. We went via Crownpoint to cross Lake Champlain on the newly built bridge.


The new bridge over Lake Champlain at Crown Point, toward Vermont.