Recent Doings

Last Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive up around Lake George and the southern Adirondacks. Wifey and I stopped by a really cool retro diner in Bolton Landing, Bolton Beans. The diner, as well as Bolton Landing were very quiet, but it didn’t affect the mood at the diner or the food.

An original rail car diner in beautiful condition.

We drove north on Rt. 9N toward The Hague, and stopped at the the overlook at Sabbath Day Point on Lake George.

Sabbath Day Point overlook, what Lake George looks like this winter - no snow and little to no ice.


Historical marker, on the history of Lake George and it's two Centuries of battles along the Great Warpath.

I’ve been reading a great book, “Conquered into Liberty” by Elliot Cohen, that tells the history of the most fought over part of America, the “Great Warpath” between Albany NY and Quebec in Canada, which much of flying area for my balloon rides is part-of.

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