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Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Weather and Recent Flights

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

How about that Memorial Holiday Weekend weather! For what was forecast to be a rather wet and stormy weekend, it ended up pretty nice for everyone. Unfortunately, we got snookered on doing some flights for folks with the lousy weather forecast, but, we had an unexpected beautiful day on Monday to visit and have lunch with friends, Rick and Roseann from Shelburne VT, and our son Eric, up at the Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury VT.

Tani and Rick in front of the Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury from a previous visit.


The gang enjoying good times at the Two Brothers Tavern, Tani and Roseann, Rick and Eric.


View of the bar area, me, Rick and Tani.

Now for the hot air balloon ride portion of our Memorial Holiday weekend post. The Saturday morning flight got canceled because the cold front that was supposed to pass overnight, hadn’t, and appeared to be on our doorstep during the morning flight-time. So, we delayed flying our morning pacs that came all the way from Dublin, OH to fly with us, to the afternoon flight.

Teresa and Brian from Dublin OH on the afternoon hot air balloon ride over beautiful rural Washington County.

On Sunday morning, which originally was forecast to be a wet and stormy day, we again had beautiful flying conditions to fly a nice couple that came up from the Bronx to go on a hot air balloon ride with us.

Ray and Meena on the Sunday morning balloon ride.

And now, the hot air balloon ride flying weather forecast for the coming week. So far, we haven’t received a drop of rain, even tho NWS had forecast it to be wet and stormy for most of the weekend and into the mid part of the week. There has been some rather big storms passing just to our north this morning, along a warm front that appears to be just north of Lake George. A cold front is forecast to pass thru our area this afternoon with a bang, then we get some clearing late on Wednesday, with probably windy weather on Thursday, flyable conditions on Friday, and for now, wet conditions overnight on Friday into Saturday, and possibly early Sunday. We’ll see how it all plays-out as the week goes along. As we found out this past weekend, a forecast is just a forecast, and you never know for sure until the day of…

For those that like to try to plan and keep track of the weather trends, the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) is forecasting rather wet and cool conditions for the northeast for the 1st 14 days of June. Just click the hot link above and move your mouse pointer over stuff and you’ll see their current advance forecasts.

Balloon Ride Weather Forecast for Memorial Weekend

Friday, May 25th, 2012

The weather forecast for the Memorial holiday weekend isn’t looking that great for doing hot air balloon rides, other than on Saturday. It’s looking like we get a rather short window of opportunity on Saturday to fly, with unsettled weather thru the middle of the week. This weather forecast is not set in stone, so we will have to see how it actually plays-out over the Memorial holiday weekend. While the weather may not be great for hot air balloon rides, it will be ok for those vacationing in the area. Temps will be rather summer like with only a chance of rain or storms on Sunday and Monday.

Weekend Balloon Rides and Hot Air Balloon Flying Weather for the Week.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

The flying weather was great for 4 days in a row, which made for a nice weekend and excellent drying after the rain we’ve experienced recently. My balloon rides started on a beautiful Saturday morning with a Private Flight for Dennis and Kelly, taking care of a “bucket list” priority for Kelly’s birthday.

Kelly and Dennis on the Saturday morning balloon ride.


Ali and Bob celebrating their 5th anniversary on the Saturday PM flight.


Barbara and Kevin, ready to go on the Sunday PM flight.

Now, the forecast portion of this blog. While the NWS forecast for Lake George looks promising toward the end of the week and into the holiday weekend, in the forecast discussion, there is uncertainty as to how it will actually work out. While it will not be raining all the time, there are chances of pop-up storms in the afternoons late in the week, with a possible frontal passage and it’s weather sometime Saturday/Sunday on the weekend. Temperatures are looking summer like over the weekend and into next week. We will have to post a weather forecast update closer to the weekend to have a clearer picture of our weekend weather.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Weather for Weekend and into early next Week

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The weather forecast for the weekend is good for flying, and should be right through the early Monday AM flight opportunity. The CPC (Cilmate Prediction Center) is predicting above normal temps and below normal precipitation through the end of May. I still have space available for both of my Sunday and the Monday AM flights, plus I still have some space available for the coming holiday weekend. So either call 518-793-6342 or contact me through my web site if you would like to go on a hot air balloon ride.

Grand Junction Trip Part II

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Grand Junction is on the Western Slope of the Rockie Mountains, situated in a valley between the Book Cliffs  to the  north and the Grand Mesa to the south, at the junction of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. Downtown Grand Junction recently underwent a significant redevelopment, with redone tree-lined walkways, outdoor sculptures, fountains, play areas for the kids, mini parks and many rest areas to enjoy.

One of the many street corner sculptures.


Hanging out in front of Grant's favorite bagel/coffee shop-The Main Street Bagel


Sunset view of the Book Cliffs from the hotel window, the Springhill Suits by Marriott.



Grand Junction is also home of The Colorado National Monument.


Some of the views in the Park


Another Park view.

We took a side trip with Grant over to Moab, Utah. We wanted to check out The Arches National Park, and enjoy the views along scenic Route 128. The Utah border is only a short 30 minute drive from Junction, with Moab about another hour or so, depending on the route you take. Unfortunately we got a late start, which somewhat limited our time that we could take checking out all there was to see and do, between taking time for a short hike around the Fisher Towers, lunch at the Sorrel River Ranch, a stop to check-out the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage at the Red Cliffs Lodge, numerous pull-offs for photo ops, a quick visit to downtown Moab (a typical tourist town servicing it’s natural attractions), and a limited 3 hour tour of the Arches National Park. Both the Grand Junction and Moab regions are big mountain bike areas, with many trails available for enthusiasts.

At the border.

Desolate eastern Utah, at the beginning of Rt 128, just off the I-70 exit to Cisco Rd (Cisco is a ghost town).


The scenery quickly changes as you head down 128 toward Moab, once you catch-up to the Colorado River past Dewey's Bridge.

At the Fisher Towers Recreation Area.


The view of the Castle Valley and Professor Valley Ridge from the Fisher Towers Rec Area.


Lunch along the Colorado River at the Sorrel River Ranch.


Views of Castle Rock and Professor Valley from Sorrel River Ranch.

Ranch entrance at mile marker 17 on Route 128, a worthy place to stay when visiting the area.


Next stop, the Cowboy Museum at the Red Cliffs Ranch.


If you are a John Wayne cowboy movie fan, you will recognize the scenery of the area.


Memorabilia of the many movies and commercials filmed in the area.

Me en the "Duke"


Back on the road toward Moab, near the Negro Bill Canyon.


Grant and Tow-mater, only worthy pic we found in the touristy City of Moab, tho we did find a great coffee shop that knew how to make a very tasty, non watery iced coffee.


We now are in the Arches National Park, at the Courthouse Towers Viewpoint, facing the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock and Tower of Babel

Click-on the pic to get a bigger view of the "Balanced Rocks".

The contrasting views of the area, rock, red dirt and the snow capped La Sal Mountains

At the end of the trail for us, on the Devils Garden Trail at the Landscape Arch.

 Well, that’s it for this trip’s post. See you on down the trail.









April Trip to Grand Junction, CO

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

While I wait for the grass to dry so I can go mow, after our latest 2 day, 2 + inch rain event, thought that I would blog on a non-balloon related event, an April trip out to Grand Junction, CO to visit with our son Grant and his family. It’s our 4th time to Colorado (2-Golden, 1-Denver/Edwards/Grand Junction, 1-just Grand Junction), since Grant and Katia moved down from Anchorage, Alaska 4 years ago.  Up until this trip, we haven’t had much luck with the weather in Colorado. We got snowed-on both trips to Golden, 1 in late April and 1 early November, rain and snow on the last trip to Edwards & Grand Junction, tho it was nice for the Denver part, but, we only got rain as we got off the plane in Grand Junction this time around. It’s funny, we visited Grant 3 times up in Alaska during the winter, and had great weather on all 3 trips, and, he moves to the high desert which is Colorado, that’s noted for dry wx and sun, and we get rain/snow during our spring and fall trips, except for this time, it was sunny and warm in Junction after rain the night of our arrival.

Since we wanted to fly direct to Grand Junction, this removed our usual go-to choice of Southwest, and flew United instead. We found the United experience to be pleasant and efficient, except for the beater regional jet (a Canadair RJ700 operated by Mesa Airlines) we flew from Alb (Albany) to ORD (O’Hare) on the way out.

Boarding Mesa Airlines beater RJ700 in Albany, a poor choice by United for a regional carrier.


The light show in the tunnel walkway between Concourse B & C, Terminal 1 at O'Hare in Chicago.


United's 757-220 we flew both ways between Denver and O'Hare was a very comfortable plane.


The RJ145 operated by ExpressJet Airlines for the short, 1 hour hop over the Rockies, also was a very comfortable plane to ride.

So, all-in-all, other than the Mesa Airlines beater jet, United was a pleasant experience getting to and from GJT on time.

View of the Rockies from our Embraer RJ145.

Well, it’s time to mow before the storms coming with the cold front get here. I’ll finish this trip blog as a part II.

Recent Flights and Balloon Ride Flying Weather for this Week

Monday, May 14th, 2012

It truly was a beautiful weekend, tho a bit windy for doing balloon rides in the afternoon. I managed to fly one group of ladies who came up from the Astoria, NY area on Saturday morning to go on a hot air balloon ride with me over beautiful Washington County.

My ladies from Saturday morning.

Our weather forecast this week is similar to the last two, rain during the week, with drying toward the weekend. Right now, it’s looking like one less day of rain with drying starting on Thursday this week, right through early next week. I have space available on some of my flights this weekend, so if you are interested in flying, give me a call @ 518-793-6342 or contact me through my web site,

Recent Balloon Flight and Current Balloon Ride Flying Weather Forecast

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Last Sunday morning was great for getting out for a hot air balloon ride. I flew a young couple who was celebrating an 18th birthday and just being up in the air enjoying a beautiful early spring morning.

Taylor and Cody on the Sunday morning balloon ride, celebrating Cody's 18th birthday!

Now for the hot air balloon ride forecast portion, the weather forecast for the week is pretty similar to last week. Wet during the week, with drying and some sun toward the weekend, with wet weather again next week. The only potential fly in the current weekend forecast is for a possible frontal passage during the day on Sunday, which if it happens, will affect our Sunday flights. I will update this portion of the forecast as we get closer to the weekend.

On a longer range outlook, if you read the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) 6-10 & 8-14 day forecast discussion, you see that we stay fairly wet and warm through middle of the 4th week of this month. And, the CPC seasonal outlook discussion, shows us being above normal on the temps starting in June, right through the May, June, July forecast period of 2013, but, nothing but equal chance for wetter than/dryer than as far as a precipitation forecast during that time frame. The CPC Monthly & Seasonal Outlook Maps graphically show the same.

I know this is probably more info/detail than most want, but this is what the National Weather Service is advertising for our seasonal weather as of this posting which was made middle of April.

Weekend Weather and early Next Week.

Friday, May 4th, 2012

The forecast for the weekend looks sunny and dry, right into Monday after a cloudy/rainy week. Then, it returns to the same-old same-old of.., cloudy, damp and unsettled. The late winter/early spring weather started out hot and dry – we nearly hit 90′ in mid March, and what there was for a ski season ended early. Then, in April the weather started to turn a bit to now that it’s May, we’re back to the weather we’ve been getting the last couple of years; long periods of unsettled with short breaks of sunny weather in between. While it’s too early to call it a trend for the flying season, and the long range NWS Climate Prediction Center forecast is calling for a greater chance of above average temps and equal chance of wet or dry through the summer. But, I’m sticking with my cooler than and dryer than normal, once we get past May.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Weather into the coming Weekend

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

The latest forecast for the Lake George area remains rather unsettled for the balance of the week and into the early part of the coming weekend. We are hoping for improving hot air balloon ride flying weather for the later part of the weekend. And, after possibly a nice Monday, unsettled weather returns on Tuesday. The Weather Service is calling this a low confidence forecast in their forecast discussion. We will update the flying weather for our weekend hot air balloon rides closer to the weekend, when the forecast models will hopefully get a clearer picture of what to expect for this weekend.