Here’s a List of Favorite Places to Eat in the Area

I wanted to post a list of our favorite places to eat, to help the visitor who reads my blog and would like to get a local perspective on where to eat from what is a huge selection of places in the area. Where I have pics, I’ll post them along w/a web site link (click on the highlighted hot link), if they have one (many don’t). I’ve posted detailed blogs on most of these places before, which you can find by clicking on the “Good Eats” Category link along the bottom right side of my blog and scroll through the postings.
Lets start with the first meal of the day, breakfast. I’m not going to be a lot of help here as my wifey generally doesn’t care to go out for breakfast. I’m certain there are other interesting places that you will have to seek-out on your own, but anyway, here are my 3 breakfast recommendations –

Bolton Beans in Bolton Landing, an old fashioned diner.

We visited Bolton Beans this last February/March when Bolton is basically deserted, as you can see by how slow they were on a Sunday early afternoon. Their menu offers some variety to the typical breakfast offerings and good coffee.
The Silo, at Exit 19 in Queensbury, is where I meet my passengers for my flights, and is a local fav for breakfast and lunch. They offer a typical hearty American style breakfast, that is good quality and quantity.
In downtown Glens Falls, The Chocolate Mill Cafe is a quality offering for breakfast, or just a cup of good coffee and a sweet treat anytime they are open.

Next up will be lunch offerings, and our absolute favorite is near the Vermont border in Salem, NY, Steininger’s. Steininger’s only does lunch Tuesday thru Saturday.They have fabulous soups, sandwiches, lite entrees, wonderful desserts and fine hand-made chocolates, all done with a European flare by the owners.

Steininger's is worth the drive from anywhere.

On the water lunch spots worth visiting are The Algonquin  on Lake George in Bolton Landing, and The Docksider on Glen Lake in Queensbury. Another favorite spot of ours is up in Chestertown, the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor.

The retro ice cream parlor in Chestertown is worth the drive for good grub and old fashioned ice cream desserts.

Two brew pubs in Glens Falls that make for good lunch and dinner offerings are, Davidson’s in downtown, and Coopers Cave, which is a little out of the way but easy to get to.

Now for the main meal of the day, dinner. Our absolute favorite place to eat is Bistro Leroux on Rt 149 in Queensbury. Right behind that would be Bistro Tallulah in downtown Glens Falls. Saratoga Springs has a large selection of very good restaurants. Our current favorites in Saratoga would be Maestro’s and Capriccio Saratoga. A good place for a drink in Saratoga would be The Wine Bar, and the Adelphi Hotel in their outdoor courtyard. Also, the Parting Glass is a good Irish pub worth the visit while in Saratoga.
Other good offerings that I can personally recommend are Rene’s on Elm St in Glens Falls, the Farmhouse at Top of the World, which offers interesting farm-to-table style meals, that for us, have been some of the best food we’ve had in the area, to just so-so. And, the view from the top of the mountain is spectacular. 132 Glen Street Bistro in downtown Glens Falls offers good food at moderate prices, Raul’s Mexican Grill in Glens Falls offers an upscale version of Mexican without high prices.
I know that there are other great places to eat in the area that I just haven’t been to recently like The Gristmill in Warrensburg, the Ridge Terrace on 9L Lake George, I’d like to try Max London’s down in Saratoga, Sperry’s in Saratoga was great the one time we went under the new ownership. One Caroline has been ok, plus offers live jazz in the main dining room, Hattie’s is a Saratoga institution, and frankly, there are more but I’m running out of patience with the length of this post. I’m done!

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