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A New Flying Season, Balloon Rides 2013

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

I figure it’s past time to come out of my winter hibernation, loosen up the fingers and start blogging again. The snow’s gone, except for the man-made left on the local ski slopes, plus the ice is out of Lake George and the Hudson River.

A pic I took along the Hudson River back in March, just above Warrensburg, on the way back from visiting our friends the Leahy’s, in Clayton on the St. Lawrence River.

It’s now flying season again, my 37th that I’ve been giving hot air balloon rides in the Adirondack, Lake George, Saratoga Springs region.

My Peacock VIII Hot Air Balloon

This is the view you get from my balloon.

So folks, come on up and join Baker, Todd and myself for a hot air balloon ride this season. Contact me through my web site,, or give a call to  518-793-6342.