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Recent Doings

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Wifey and I escaped for a couple of days mid week to visit with my sis and her hubby down in Middlebury CT. Bro-in-law, “The Cap’t, recently took delivery of a new boat that we got a chance to check-out on what turned out to be a beautiful Wednesday to go for a sail on Long Island Sound.

The boat, the boat, the boat!


Snacks and refreshments on the quarterdeck before heading out for a sail on Long Island Sound.


Wifey piloting the "5 Cs" out on The Sound.

The weekend before, wifey and I attended the 35th Jazz Festival at Saratoga for the second year in a row. The Saratoga Jazz Fest originally was The Newport Jazz Festival Saratoga back in 1978. The featured performer the day we went was Chris Botti.

Arriving on SPAC grounds for the Saratoga Jazz Fest around noon on Saturday.


The Amphitheater lawn became a sea of people and coolers on a very hot afternoon.


Chris Botti during his 7:30 PM set. We had good seats inside the Amphitheater.


Another crowd pic.


Esperanza Spalding and her "Radio Music Society" at the 5:50 PM set.

The show started at noon with Mario Abney Group; then at 1:20, Christian McBride Inside Straight – a great group; at 2:40, Michel Camilo “Mano a Mano” with Giovanni Hidalgo and Charles Flores – another good group; then at 4:10, the Mingus Big Band, playing some great standards and music of Charles Mingus; at 5:50, Esperanza Spalding “Radio Music Society”; 7:30 Chris Botti, a great performer; and the evening finished with Maceo Parker at 9:15 (actually closer to 10 start). Having played for the funk master, “Mr James Brown”, I was eager to hear that sound, which much to my chagrin was a bit too loud for my ears, so, we departed after the 3rd song around 10:30. It was a full day of good music and fun.




Safety Seminar Weekend

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This past weekend, down in Saratoga Springs, was the New York State Hot Air Balloon Safety Seminar. It’s an event that is coordinated by a volunteer group of local balloonists’. This is a good time of year for a get-together like this since the flying weather usually isn’t that good, which it wasn’t that morning, and travel usually isn’t hampered by winter weather.

Guy from the Albany National Weather Service Forecast Office talking to the group-sorry about the pic quality.

Some of the group in the lecture hall at the safety seminar.


A break-out session with some of the equipment that was on display

I expect to start my flying season the weekend of the 28th/29th of April. I’ll post more detail on that later for you.

Where or where has My Winter Gone?

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

I know it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been kinda a blah winter, providing me little incentive to write. Anyhow, if you’re wondering where our winter went this year, last November, YNN posted a detailed video forecast on what to expect for December, January and February 2011-12, and it’s been spot-on. It’s the best explanation I’ve seen on cause and affect of seasonal trends of our regional weather. Listen and weep if you’re an outdoor winter weather enthusiast.

Been on the Road Again!

Monday, December 12th, 2011

We’ve been on the road again, visiting our friends the Leahy’s in Clayton two weeks ago, and this past Saturday Rick and Roseann for lunch at 2 Brothers in Middlebury VT.

On the road to Clayton on Rt 28, just past North Creek, along the Hudson River.

The further we got up into the Adirondacks, we found snow on the ground. It has been a mild winter so far.


The Rt 28 bridge crossing Long Lake – all open water, no ice so far.


Arriving in Clayton


Casa Leahy on John Street in Clayton.

Tani and Jane enjoying the evening holiday parade in Clayton

great fireworks after the parade.


An early morning stroll down to the river.


Boat on the water – Clayton is part of the 1000 Islands district, right on the St. Lawrence River.


a very sleepy downtown Clayton, early morning.


Wall mural art at the Koffee Kove Restaurant.


Another early morning view of the St. Lawrence River, looking toward Canada.


Sunset over the Adirondacks, heading south on Rt 87, after visiting w/bro Steve in Plattsburgh. It was a good lunch, but a long day of driving – about 4 hours to P’burg from Clayton, and then another 1.45 hrs. to Qby and home.


Last Saturday, we met our friends Rick and Roseann in Middlebury VT for lunch at the 2 Brothers. We went via Crownpoint to cross Lake Champlain on the newly built bridge.


The new bridge over Lake Champlain at Crown Point, toward Vermont.




Recent Doings!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

For Thanksgiving, wifey and I went to my sis’s daughter’s place, for a family gathering over in Avon CT. We returned to Queensbury the next day, to take-in an Adirondack Phantom’s hockey game Sat. night, and a Tony DeSare, “Home for the Holidays” concert at The Wood Theater in downtown GF on Sunday afternoon. It was a great 4 days of visiting, food and fun with fam.

On-the-road, leaving Queensbury early Thanksgiving morning for Avon CT.


At Bob and Jen's place in Avon CT for an extended fam Thanksgiving gathering.


Aunt Tani having fun with Jen's girls.


Unca Chuck and I stopped at Davidson's for a brew, while the ladies did their best for the economic development of downtown Glens Falls retail on Sunday afternoon.


The Tony DeSare Trio - I know it's dark, but take my word, it is a trio, that put on grove Sunday afternoon at The Wood.


Chuck and Tani enjoying the moment after the show at The Wood.


At the Exchange Street Plaza, the end of a great 4 days, Chris, Chuck and Tani.



Saratoga Springs Lip Dub Video

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Here’s a link to the Saratoga Springs Lip Dub Video. It’s fun and worth the visit. The music is Train, whose drummer, Scott Underwood, is a Saratoga Springs native.

Trip to Stumpf Balloon

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

On Friday, wifey and I headed over to Weston VT to hook up with good friends Rick Pollock and Paul Stumpf. Paul had built an experimental balloon for Rick. Rick came down from Shelburne to pick-up his new balloon, and the two were heading off to the Experimental Balloon Meet over in Amherst MA for the weekend. Since it was a nice day and my afternoon flight didn’t meet until 6 PM, we decided to drive over just to see it and them, and have lunch before they left for the meet, and I had to do my afternoon flight.


Stumpf Balloons over on the Andover-Weston Rd

From a prior trip over to Paul's shop to help cut-out the panels for Rick's balloon. That's Rick on the left and Paul on the right.

Cuttin' the panels

The bottom end finished product, of Rick's 2-seater "Hang Balloon"

Then off to have lunch, the parking lot for the VT Country Store in Weston

The Bryant House is part of the Country Store complex, a good place to eat.

Decisions, decisions!!

It's lunch

The main drag of Weston

On the way back to NY, Bromley Mountain Ski area in the summertime.

The view to the southeast across from Bromley.

That’s it for this post!!


Samantha’s Cafe for Lunch

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Today, met wifey and sister-in-law Marie for lunch at Samantha’s Cafe at Union Square. Samantha’s is a funky kinda place that’s in an old, turn-of-the-last-century industrial building, that’s been redone and turned into a mix-use, commercial space building. There are around 5 or 6 different businesses housed within the building.

The inside entrance to Samantha's

I think it has a cool, old style industrial look to the space. Notice the high celing and the above wood plank floors. I don't know the history of the building, but coulda been a sewing operation, there were lots of those around back then.

Marie had a Pulled Pork samich, I had a Cuban Pannini, and wifey had salad-as usual.

Then I went up to the 3rd Floor to visit with Chris Archibee at Mannix Marketing for some updates to my web site.

March Madness

Friday, April 1st, 2011

We had our own bit of March Madness around here recently, and I’m not talking about hometown boy Jimmer Fredette that plays for BYU and got as far as the NCAA Sweet 16, but, the New York State Public High School basketball championships, the NYSPHSAA. I met up with high school chum, Pat Corcoran, who was in town from Maryland to watch the semi and finals of the tourney. The most impressive game that I caught was the Saturday afternoon game between Mt Vernon and Half Hollow Hills West. The most impressive player was the big kid from Jamesville-DeWitt, Dajuan Coleman, a 6’8″, 280 lb Junior who was the MVP of the tourney in class A, and, who drew the attention of the University of Kentucky head coach, Jim Calipari. Calipari was at the Sunday championship games at the Civic Center to check out his prospect Coleman, who I understand will be playing for Kentucky after he graduates from high school.

Saturday's semi final game between Harborfields and Byram Hills

Saturday’s semi final game between Harborfields and Byram Hills

Last Ski for the Season

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I took advantage of the conditions and headed over to our local hill, West Mountain for a last ski for this year. There are signs that Spring is on it’s way and Winter is waning.

It was a beautiful morning to ride the old chair to the top of West.

It was a beautiful morning to ride the old chair to the top of West.

Great conditions for a late winter day.

Great conditions for a late winter day.

One of the tower guns and view to the East.

One of the tower guns and view to the East.