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Hot Air Ballooning Questions Answered

It was so much fun.

- Debbie Conte

What sort of person enjoys a hot air balloon ride?
Hot air ballooning is a great equalizer. We have witnessed happy faces from teenagers to retired folks, and everyone in between while floating over our beautiful Adirondack Region! The real common denominator seems to be that everyone appears to really enjoy life, and have a curiosity for new experiences and adventure.

What is Hot Air Ballooning like?
A hot air balloon ride is spectacular and extremely smooth. There is no sense of motion during the balloon flight, and if you carried a candle aloft it would not flicker. There is no need to worry about motion sickness, like in a plane or a boat on water. Your balloon ride offers unobstructed 360-degree views of our spectacular Adirondack scenery. The average balloon flight covers 10 miles and lasts about 1 hour. When a hot air balloon lands, it is normal to experience a bump or series of bumps when the balloon basket touches the ground. How bumpy the landing gets, will depend on the wind speed at touchdown.

How many can fly together in the Hot Air Balloon?
A shared space flight is limited to 10 passengers plus the pilot. You can also arrange for a private group flight for family or friends with a reservation of at least 3, up to a maximum of 10 passengers (additional charges may apply). We feature Private Flights for Two that many use for marriage proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions.

What do I wear and bring?
The temperature aloft during the balloon flight is about the same as on the ground. We recommend that you wear casual, outdoor type of clothing that you might wear on a hike or working around the yard, and flat shoes like sneakers or boots - not flip-flops, sandals or heeled shoes. Waterproof footwear is advisable on morning flights, since the country fields we use can be wet with morning dew. A hat or cap can be helpful due to the heat from the propane burner above our heads, that heats the air in the hot air balloon. Do bring your camera, perhaps sunglasses and binoculars, but remember space is limited. Don't wear shorts, and especially dresses, sandals or heels since we will be out in rural country fields, and our activity is not appropriate for this type of wear.

Is Age and Health a consideration?
Our balloon flight is not recommended for those who may be pregnant, persons with osteoporosis or have had recent trauma or surgery. Our minimum age to fly is 6 and we have flown passengers well in to their 90s. Health and weather considerations my apply. People taking blood thinners need to be aware that it's possible to get bumped or bruised on the landing. Passengers are required to stand during the balloon flight, and some agility to get in and out of the balloon basket is helpful.

What special occasions have you witnessed?
Over the years, my balloon flights have celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements and many marriage proposals! We have noticed many "Bucket List" check-offs and have also had a few  weddings performed up in our balloons. Our "Private Flight" is a popular romantic venue for marriage proposals and other special occasions.

What is included in our Adirondack balloon ride?
In addition to your balloon ride, if you are a hands-on type of person you have the opportunity to help the ground crew with the hot air balloon. Or, you can just stand back and enjoy the process of making ready and inflating your hot air balloon. Complimentary refreshments including a champagne toast are served during the balloon flight. We take digital pictures of you on your memorable balloon flight. Later you can access our web site where you can view and print-out the pictures we took of your balloon ride. Family and friends can also access our web site and your pictures. Just go to the Photos page and click our your balloon flight date on the calendar. We provide transportation from our pick-up point at Exit 19 in Queensbury, NY out to the balloon flight area.

Are gratuities for the chase crew appropriate?
Gratuities are always appreciated but not expected - it is completely up to you.

You'll never know how very happy you have made me (Jack too). You've made a long ago (1974 or so) dream come true. It was a wonderful experience and a treasured anniversary (35th) gift. A thousand tender thanks.

- Mary and Jack Groll

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