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Why Fly with Us for Your
Balloon Flight in the Adirondacks - Lake George Region?

Your pilot, Brooke Owen, has flown over 3300 hours and over 20,000 passengers. He has flown in 30 different states and 3 countries.

Depending on the size of the passengers, I can take up to 4 family or friends who want to fly together.

The Peacock VIII Hot Air Balloon

Thank you so much for a wonderful flight. It was awesome and well worth the wait! We would definitely do it again... We had a fantastic time and you and your crew are wonderful.

- Patty Stern


A bit of advise on standards and pilot qualifications - Being FAA certified does not guarantee quality or experience, only that someone has met the minimum standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration to get a license (for ballooning that's only 35 hours of experience and 6 flights under instruction to get a Commercial rating to fly paying passengers-not much). Experience Does Count!
Some on-line hot air balloon ride offerings are simply a brokerage with an unknown list of pilots with unknown qualifications or flight area. You are best served dealing direct for your hot air balloon ride purchase. That way you get to choose the location, qualities and qualifications of the hot air balloon ride service that will fly you and your loved ones.
New York State has no special operational or insurance standards for hot air balloon ride operations other than the State Labor Law, which most ignore or are not aware of Labor Law requirements.

While a number of balloon ride operations cut costs by flying older used or rebuilt hot air balloons, purchase limited insurance that does not fully cover all of their operation, hand your reservation off to a subcontract pilot, we take a different approach:

1. Our Level of Experience. Adirondack Balloon Flights is the region's premier hot air balloon ride company offering unmatched experience. Your pilot, Brooke Owen, has flown over 3300 hours and over 20,000 passengers. He has flown in 30 different states and 3 countries. Brooke is a nationally ranked competitive pilot and competed in the 2013 US National Balloon Championship. He has been a member of the Balloon Federation of America for more than 20 years. He brings his years of experience to each and every flight and safety is of upmost importance. Join Brooke to experience the joy and wonder of hot air ballooning.

2. Our Equipment.  We  fly the newest design and the safest luxury hot air balloon available. My hot air balloons are purchased new and custom designed for my balloon ride service. My Peacock VIII hot air balloon can carry up to 4 passengers plus the pilot. Our custom window van will transport you  to and from the balloon flight area in comfort.

3. Our Flight Standards. You have the option to reserve a balloon for a romantic Private Flight for Two, organize a Group Flight for up to 4 family and friends that want to fly together, or, share space on a Small Group Flight with like minded folks seeking "high adventure". Our flight service includes in-fight refreshments including a champagne toast, plus, in-flight pictures of you on your memorable balloon ride with us. We are conservative with our flight decisions. We take many factors into account before we are willing to take our passengers skyward, including what the landing will be like for the folks we are flying. We understand that you are coming to experience "aerial adventure", and that you expect us to provide it as safely as possible.You can count on our years of experience and professionalism.

4. Our Insurance Standards. We are commercially insured for flight, ground transportation, and chase crew operations. Our balloons are insured by an A+ Best rated company that is an admitted carrier to New York State. Our chase vehicle is covered by a commercial auto policy. Our ground chase crew is fully covered for its activities to include Workman's Comp, Disability, and all employment taxes and insurance.

5. Our Flight Area. Our part of upstate New York is simply beautiful. The Adirondacks, Lake George and Saratoga Springs offer a wide variety of amenities for both the experienced and novice traveler. Our region is a destination that offers many options in lodging, dining, shopping, attractions and natural beauty waiting to be experienced.

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