Recap of 2009 Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Season

The 2009 flying season will go down as the worst for hot air balloon flying weather in my 33 years of flying passengers around here. The early spring flying season started dry with about average ride demand. But by Memorial Weekend, the weather turned wetter and stayed that way for most of the flying season, other than for a short dry period very late in August through the 1st couple of weeks in September.  By the time we got around to the end of October, the weather turned dryer again and has stayed that way into the middle of November. My apologies to the folks who were trying to schedule flights at the end of October. We grew reluctant to attempt flights, even tho select days were flyable, due to the extremely wet ground conditions out in the flight area. Through much of October, we were getting a series of very heavy rain systems pass through and by the time the weather finally dried out late in the month, the damage was done. With short days and a low sun angle, our saturated flying area was not able to recover from all the rain. So, now it’s time to get ready for the long winter season and make plans for our 2010 hot air balloon flights, which will begin again when winter finally turns to spring come April or May.

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