Space Shuttle Endeavor

Back in 2008, the fam got together for a gathering at the brother’s place in Vero Beach FL. Part of the trip was a schlep up to Kennedy Space Center for a tour, just before the launch of STS 126-Endeavor, which just made it’s last launch to the International Space Station today. We drove up north to Satellite Beach, just north of Melbourne to watch the night launch of Endeavor on 11/14/08. It was quite a spectacle, even being about 15-20 miles south of the launch. I’ve posted on my facebook page a video I took of the launch, if you are interested in seeing it, click the highlighted hot link. There were tons of people crowded on the beach and other pull-offs to watch the launch. When it was done, the traffic back-up heading back to the main-land was unbelievable. Fortunately, we just headed down A1A with no traffic.

The Fam tour of Cape Kennedy

The fam heading into Cape Kennedy to take the tour.

On the tour, the assembly building where they put the Shuttle together.

the track they bring the assembled shuttle along to the launch site from the assembly building

Where the track splits to the two shuttle launch sites

Endeavor on it's pad ready to launch

The Apollo rocket

Standing under the Apollot rocket

Sis Kit, bro Richard and me, in front of the Space Shuttle flight simulator

The rocket garden on the way out at the end of a full day

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