Mollie’s Mason Jar in Lake Luzerne

Went over to Lake Luzerne today to have lunch at Molie’s Mason Jar, actually it’s in Hadley which is right next to Luzerne. Wifey and I have been trying to find this place because of the owners wife – Ling Ling, who before moving over to Hadley/Luzerne, owned and operated the best, and I do mean the best bakery ever over near me in Queensbury, Bakers Dream. We were anxious to try it out in hopes that Ling Ling was doing some baking. Chatted a bit with her on the way out, and she unfortunately said she pretty much has relegated herself to hosting duties and whatever needs to be done in the background, not baking:-( This girl was magic in the bakery. By moving she probably saved my cholesterol. Anyhow, the food that we had for lunch was good for what you might expect from Hadley. Since she’s not baking, we decided we’d rather either head north to the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor in Chestertown or our fav lunch/brunch place, Steininger’s over in Salem. The food is just as good or better and the drive is much more interesting. I’ve bloged on both of these places earlier.

Molly's Mason Jar. There is a golf course, Bend in the River across from it.

The inside is done-up in a Mission Arts & Crafts stlye, probably an old hotel from 20's

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