Saturday trip up north to Paradox Lake, Ticonderoga and Crown Point

Wifey and I decided to enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon, tripping up north for a picnic at the State Campsite on Paradox Lake up in the mountains.

Chillin' at Paradox Lake with a good book.

Someone with the "gone fishing" sign for the afternoon.

While we were in the neighborhood, decided to hop over to Fort Ti so wifey could check-out the posies at the Kings Gardens

Entrance to the Gardens

Next we decided to head to Crown Point and stopped at Frenchy's for some soft ice cream

The new Crown Point Bridge underconstruction and the temporary car ferry operation in use.

The Forts at Crown Point. The French Fort St Frederic marked by the white flag, and the British Fort at Crown Point marked by the Union Jack in the background.

The French Fort St. Frederic built 1734.

The ruins of the Fort's ovens.

In 1759, the British under General Jeffrey Amherst captured what was left of Fort St Frederic and began construction of what was to become the largest fort built in North America by the British, Fort Crown Point.

Into the grounds of Fort Crown Point.

The Officers Quarters

A view into the common Soldiers Quarters. Notice the fireplaces, 2 story construction. They really packed them in, 3 to a bunk, yikes!

A view back toward Lake Champlain and the fort's ruins. At this end, there was a chimney fire that spread out of control, burning down the armory and blowing the gunpowder magazine, destroying the fort in 1773.

Another view of the ruins

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