Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides

We have been getting some decent weather this month for flying. It is a definite improvement from all the rain we got during our Spring flying season. Now to catch-up on some of our recent flights –

On Wednesday morning we flew Sara and Jeff, which was Sara's birthday.

Next up, on Friday morning we flew 2 couples. This is John And Maureen from Lake George

Our other Friday morning couple is Daryl and Jan. They hail from Valdosta GA

On Friday evening, we flew Doug and Inga from Scotia who were celebrating an anniversary.

This morning, Saturday the 16th, I flew Ken and Joe from the Baltimore area.

There are more flights to come this weekend, as our flight weather should hold through tonight and at least Sunday morning, if not right through Monday morning. It’s a beautiful summer weekend for folks in the area for vacation. And, as just a hint on what we’re expecting for next week’s weather, HHH summer weather is on the way!

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