Recent Doings!

For Thanksgiving, wifey and I went to my sis’s daughter’s place, for a family gathering over in Avon CT. We returned to Queensbury the next day, to take-in an Adirondack Phantom’s hockey game Sat. night, and a Tony DeSare, “Home for the Holidays” concert at The Wood Theater in downtown GF on Sunday afternoon. It was a great 4 days of visiting, food and fun with fam.

On-the-road, leaving Queensbury early Thanksgiving morning for Avon CT.


At Bob and Jen's place in Avon CT for an extended fam Thanksgiving gathering.


Aunt Tani having fun with Jen's girls.


Unca Chuck and I stopped at Davidson's for a brew, while the ladies did their best for the economic development of downtown Glens Falls retail on Sunday afternoon.


The Tony DeSare Trio - I know it's dark, but take my word, it is a trio, that put on grove Sunday afternoon at The Wood.


Chuck and Tani enjoying the moment after the show at The Wood.


At the Exchange Street Plaza, the end of a great 4 days, Chris, Chuck and Tani.



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