Hot Air Balloon Rides

Our Peacock VIII Hot Air Balloon ready to ride

Baker and I am ready to start flying again, and begin our 2012 hot air balloon rides, except our balloon ride flying weather isn’t looking the best over the weekend. Wind and cold will probably keep us grounded for our opening weekend, hey it’s early so we don’t mind. We’re looking forward to meet some new folks from near and far, and share our special experience and area with them. So it’s time to get your reservation in for our 2012 Flying Season.

The view inside our Peacock Hot Air Balloon, and customers helping with the inflation.

A family from Bogota, Columbia that included a hot air balloon ride with us in their itinerary last summer.


Baker and I really enjoy doing these Private Hot Air Balloon Rides for proposals of marriage.

The view from the under side of our Peacock Hot Air Balloon.






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