Grand Junction Trip Part II

Grand Junction is on the Western Slope of the Rockie Mountains, situated in a valley between the Book Cliffs  to the  north and the Grand Mesa to the south, at the junction of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. Downtown Grand Junction recently underwent a significant redevelopment, with redone tree-lined walkways, outdoor sculptures, fountains, play areas for the kids, mini parks and many rest areas to enjoy.

One of the many street corner sculptures.


Hanging out in front of Grant's favorite bagel/coffee shop-The Main Street Bagel


Sunset view of the Book Cliffs from the hotel window, the Springhill Suits by Marriott.



Grand Junction is also home of The Colorado National Monument.


Some of the views in the Park


Another Park view.

We took a side trip with Grant over to Moab, Utah. We wanted to check out The Arches National Park, and enjoy the views along scenic Route 128. The Utah border is only a short 30 minute drive from Junction, with Moab about another hour or so, depending on the route you take. Unfortunately we got a late start, which somewhat limited our time that we could take checking out all there was to see and do, between taking time for a short hike around the Fisher Towers, lunch at the Sorrel River Ranch, a stop to check-out the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage at the Red Cliffs Lodge, numerous pull-offs for photo ops, a quick visit to downtown Moab (a typical tourist town servicing it’s natural attractions), and a limited 3 hour tour of the Arches National Park. Both the Grand Junction and Moab regions are big mountain bike areas, with many trails available for enthusiasts.

At the border.

Desolate eastern Utah, at the beginning of Rt 128, just off the I-70 exit to Cisco Rd (Cisco is a ghost town).


The scenery quickly changes as you head down 128 toward Moab, once you catch-up to the Colorado River past Dewey's Bridge.

At the Fisher Towers Recreation Area.


The view of the Castle Valley and Professor Valley Ridge from the Fisher Towers Rec Area.


Lunch along the Colorado River at the Sorrel River Ranch.


Views of Castle Rock and Professor Valley from Sorrel River Ranch.

Ranch entrance at mile marker 17 on Route 128, a worthy place to stay when visiting the area.


Next stop, the Cowboy Museum at the Red Cliffs Ranch.


If you are a John Wayne cowboy movie fan, you will recognize the scenery of the area.


Memorabilia of the many movies and commercials filmed in the area.

Me en the "Duke"


Back on the road toward Moab, near the Negro Bill Canyon.


Grant and Tow-mater, only worthy pic we found in the touristy City of Moab, tho we did find a great coffee shop that knew how to make a very tasty, non watery iced coffee.


We now are in the Arches National Park, at the Courthouse Towers Viewpoint, facing the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock and Tower of Babel

Click-on the pic to get a bigger view of the "Balanced Rocks".

The contrasting views of the area, rock, red dirt and the snow capped La Sal Mountains

At the end of the trail for us, on the Devils Garden Trail at the Landscape Arch.

 Well, that’s it for this trip’s post. See you on down the trail.









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