Recent Balloon Ride and Weather for the Week

On Saturday morning, I flew Sean and Melody, from the Ballston Lake, Saratoga Springs area, on a frosty, clear private hot air balloon ride over rural Washington County. Some of the fall foliage is past and down, but the hill areas are still bright with fall color to enjoy.

Yes, there was frost on the pumpkin on Saturday morning. Notice the white in the grass area top right, it was low 20’s.

Sean and Melody. The sun warmed things up toward the end of the flight as the sun melted the frost away.

The weather forecast for this week for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area, looks to be pretty much as it’s been for the past 3-4 weeks, progressive with a couple of days of wet and a day or so of sun before the next system, and on and on…

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