Wrapping the 2012 Flight Season

I have decided to wrap our 2012 flight season a bit early due to the very wet conditions that exist out in our flying area. For our type of flight, we rely on being able to access farm fields with our chase vehicle that transport our passengers and balloon equipment, out to our take-off and landing sites. Since the 3rd week of September, we’ve had almost as many days of rain as not, and conditions have deteriorated to the point where we’ve lost access to most of our take-off spots, and off-road access to potential landing fields for our chase van is very limited. The amount of rain we received with last Friday’s storm, almost equaled what we got last year from Hurricane Irene, which caused wide spread flooding. Only thing different from last year is, last year when Irene hit, we were already saturated due to a very wet summer, but this year, we had a dry late July and August, so the impact wasn’t as bad. Because of these flight conditions, it’s gotten to the point when doing a flight, instead of focusing on providing the best flight experience for the passengers, the pilot has to focus on getting the balloon to an accessible landing site for the chase vehicle, and dry for the balloon. Rather than do that type of flying, I’ve decided to wrap this year.

Baker, Todd and Phil will see you in 2013.

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