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Hot Air Balloon Ride Weather Forecast

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Our National Weather Service forecast for the Adirondacks, Lake George, Saratoga Springs New York area is not changing much from what’s it’s been for the past 3 weeks, very progressive with rain and weather systems every couple of days, and increasingly cooler temps. While we are forecast to get a break on Thursday, it doesn’t look flyable. Then another system for overnight into early Friday with windy conditions during the day. Saturday looks good for balloon ride flying on the coming weekend, but that may be it until next Tuesday as we get a series of systems on Sunday/Monday with rain. With the speed and intensity of the lows coming thru, it’s looking like an active transition period to winter from summer. And, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting us to stay rather wet for most of the balance of October.

This is pretty much what the flying area looked like on the Monday PM flight. Our foliage has now reached it’s peak, and will be past peak next week.