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Labor Day Weekend Flights and Weather Forecast for the Week

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

The flying weather for doing our hot air balloon rides was real good for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend, lots of flying. First up is

On Saturday evening, I flew Joanna, Jeff and Hunter from Selkirk.

On Sunday morning, I flew Mark and Chris from Schoharie, and Doug and Gene from Poestenkill.

On Sunday evening, I flew Alyssa, Christopher, Mark and Pang, all from Niskayuna.

On Labor Day Monday morning, I flew Dan from Rensselaer, and Maureen and Heather from Clifton Park.

The weather forecast for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area for this week is not good if you want to go on a balloon ride, but is good if you are looking for your lawn to be watered. It’s basically wet all week right into the coming weekend, except maybe Friday. Well, it has been dry, but it would be nice if the weather wasn’t extreme, either hot and dry, or cold and wet. Oh well, it is, what it is.


Recent Balloon Rides and Weather Forecast

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

First off, I want to get the hot air balloon ride weather forecast for the Adirondacks, Lake George, Saratoga Springs region out of the way, then update a number of recent flights. The weather forecast for this weekend is a bit mixed, with chances of pulse (pop-up) storms both Saturday and Sunday. Then on Monday/Tuesday, we are expecting greater chances of rain starting Monday afternoon, thru most of Tuesday, with good weather returning for at least Wednesday and Thursday. The advance forecast keeps the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac to our west in the Ohio River Valley, or passing to our south, and may not affect us at all. But, you have to stay tuned on this since the inland path of the hurricane remnants is not currently set in stone. Now on to our recent flights for the week, which saw pretty flying conditions for doing balloon rides since last week.

On Tuesday evening, I had Tracy and Junior who were visiting the Lake George area from Jamaica and Rosedale NY.

On Wednesday morning, I flew Brian from Tucson AZ and Chelsea from Springville NY. Both are students doing a summer internship at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown.

On Thursday morning, I flew Michelle from Delmar NY and Mary from Cornwall-on-Hudson NY. Mary has been going on flights with me periodically, since the 80’s.

Friday morning I flew a family from Westport CT, Colten, Mackenzie, Laural and Rick.

I sent Friday night’s passengers home with no flight due to a lack of (NO) wind to even make an attempt at making the flight interesting for them. Hanging stationary in the air for an hour or so isn’t my idea of flying?

Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Balloon Ride Flying Weather

Monday, August 20th, 2012

First, the hot air balloon ride forecast for the week. The weather forecast for the Adirondacks, Lake George, Saratoga Springs area looks great for most of this week, right into the coming weekend. I have plenty of space available for passengers who would like to experience a balloon ride. So either call me at 518-793-6342 or contact me thru my business web site, Adirondack Balloon Flights.

Now, for my recent flights. The balloon ride flying weather was pretty good recently, so I have a number of recent flights to update and first up is…

On Thursday evening, I flew Paul and Leslie, a father/daughter from Rockville, MD.

On Saturday evening, I flew Judi from Poughkeepsie, for her 70th birthday, along with daughter Barbara and grandson William.

Judi’s family were there to wish her well on her birthday flight.










On Sunday morning, I flew Nate and Camille from Kings Park NY on a Private Flight, who were celebrating their 43rd anniversary.

On Sunday evening, I flew a Private Flight for Morgan and Vincent, from the Catskill area, on a beautiful August afternoon.

Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Weather Forecast

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

I had a couple of opportunities to fly some folks early this week in the morning. First up on Monday morning was–

This is Peter and Clint, a father and son, from Hermosa Beach, CA.

Also on the Monday AM balloon ride was, Shilpa and Damien from New York City.

On Tuesday morning, I had Bill and Dawn from Forrest Hill, MD on-board for a Private Balloon Ride.

The weather forecast for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs region for the rest of this week is mixed, with rain on Friday, clearing over the weekend, and currently what appears to be some good flying condition next week thru mid week. Call if you want to fly!!–518-793-6342.

Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Weather for the Week

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Time to catch-up on some recent balloon rides—First up we have…

On the Monday evening flight, i had Bill and Lorna from Dunedin, FL on-board.

On the Tuesday morning balloon ride, I flew John Tartaglia and his family who are visiting the Lake George area from Rye, NY.

On Tuesday evening, Larry and Debby from Glenville celebrated a Private birthday Balloon Ride.

On Wednesday morning, I flew Bryon and Graham from Gaithersburg, MD, and Maria and John from Salem, NY.

That was it for hot air balloon rides for the week so far, due to weather and family in-town for a visit. The weather forecast for the week starts out good for Monday, before it goes downhill Tuesday and Wednesday, before it improves again for Thursday and Friday, and, it looks to go downhill again for at least part of the coming weekend.

Quick Balloon Ride Flying Weather Forecast for Weekend

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

The weather forecast for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area heading into the weekend is wet! I don’t expect to have good conditions for flying until maybe Sunday, but, most likely not till Monday. It currently appears that there will be a short window for Monday and maybe early Tuesday before the next weather system starts to turn against flying.

Recent Flight and Current Weather Forecast

Friday, July 27th, 2012

There isn’t much to update for hot air balloon rides, since the weather has been rather lousy for balloon flying, and unfortunately, it looks to continue that way, except for maybe a brief break next Monday and part of Tuesday, for the foreseeable future.

The only flight this week was Robbie and Roxanne on a Wednesday morning Private Hot Air Balloon Flight, and, it was a beautiful morning to be out and about over the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area.

The weather forecast for the Lake George area is rather lousy for the next 7 days, other than a break early in the week on Monday. I know that some folks were fretting dry conditions, especially with the media folks hyping the drought mid country, but this is the North East, and while we do get dry periods, they tend to be short as the rain always returns.

Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Flying Weather Forecast for this Week

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

We just finished up a good run of flying, due to some darn nice flying conditions that went from the middle of the week, thru most of the weekend. I’ll post-up some pics from the flights, then discuss the weather forecast for this week.
Our current run of flights started on Thursday morning with the Schroeder Family from Manitowoc, WI.

Kevin, Tara, and Colten on a beautiful early morning over rural Washington County.

On Friday morning, Kip and Andrew shared a balloon flight with their mother Eleanor for her 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Eleanor!

On Saturday morning, I had Joann and her son Nick from the Schuylerville area on the balloon flight.

On Saturday afternoon, I had Angela, Kimberly and Marolis on the balloon ride, from the Albany area and Alabama.

On the Sunday morning balloon ride, I had Alic and Robert who came down from the Rutland VT area to fly. This ended our streak of flights and good flying conditions, as the flying weather goes downhill from here for a good part of the week.

Now for the weather part for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area – It’s gotten a bit on the dry side lately, which has made some folks fret. But hey, this is the Northeast, not the Southwest, and it will rain. Folks have a short memory about the weather, where so far this year, we went from a precipitation deficit from this past winter, to a surplus just from rain from the latter half of May, thru the early half of June, and that’s after a year where we had hugh snowfall and flooding rains. So it’s been a little dry lately, and, what do we get this week, the forecast calls for numerous chances of rain for a majority of the week into the coming weekend. Best days look like Wednesday and Sunday.

Balloon Ride Flying Weather Forecast into coming Weekend

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Our weather forecast for the Lake George and Saratoga Springs area is looking real good for the next 5 days, which should provide some opportunities for doing some balloon rides for folks that we have scheduled. If you are looking at tying out a balloon ride with us, I still have a couple of spaces available on Sunday, plus, i have plenty of space available next week. So give a call to 518-793-6342, or contact me through my web site to make a reservation.

Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Weather Update into Weekend

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

We have definitely been getting decent summer weather lately in the Lake George – Saratoga Springs area, especially this week, the flying conditions are ideal. Last Friday, I flew Pritish from Fishkill and Dev from Blacksburg, VA on a beautiful summer morning.

Pritish and Dev getting ready for their balloon ride over beautiful, rural Washington County.

Tuesday was another beautiful day for a hot air balloon ride. I had on-board, Marcia and Walter from the Rutland, VT area.

Walter and Marcia on the Tuesday evening flight, a beautiful summer evening in the Lake George, Saratoga Springs region.

The weather forecast for hot air balloon rides is great right through Saturday, and I have space available the next few mornings. So, if you would like to fly in a hot air balloon in our beautiful valley between the Adirondack Mountains of New York and the Green Mountains of Vermont, either give me a call at 518-793-6342 or contact me through my web site, The CPC precipitation outlook forecast map is hinting that we potentially turn wetter for the later half of July, so take advantage of this week’s weather if you can.