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Weather Update for Balloon Festival Weekend

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The weather forecast for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area for the balance of this week and the coming Adirondack Balloon Festival weekend, while not set in stone at this time, doesn’t look very good. The flying weather looks good for today, Thursday for theĀ  opening ceremony (except for direction of travel from opening ceremony at Crandall Park), and at least early Friday before we start to be influenced by an approaching cold front that looks to pass overnight on Saturday. There is a possibility of flyable conditions on Friday evening and maybe Saturday morning (wind direction for flying remains a problem for balloon festival location), but after that, it doesn’t look very good at this time. Rain is forecast for Saturday afternoon, through the overnight into early Sunday, probably followed by windy conditions and some instability showers. There is a chance for a dry slot to move through on Sunday, cutting off showers, but not sure about the wind. Early next week looks dry and windy for Monday. Forecasts are forecasts, not the actual weather, just an educated guess by the National Weather Service with the help of their computer modeling. The Albany NWS forecast discussion tells the story.

A photo taken from my balloon by NY Post photographer Alexander Michael. A few weeks back, I flew Alex and reporter Michael Riedel for an upcoming story for the Post.

Another view of the flying area by photographer Alexander Michael.