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Recent Hot Air Balloon Rides and Flying Weather Forecast for this Week

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

We just finished up a good run of flying, due to some darn nice flying conditions that went from the middle of the week, thru most of the weekend. I’ll post-up some pics from the flights, then discuss the weather forecast for this week.
Our current run of flights started on Thursday morning with the Schroeder Family from Manitowoc, WI.

Kevin, Tara, and Colten on a beautiful early morning over rural Washington County.

On Friday morning, Kip and Andrew shared a balloon flight with their mother Eleanor for her 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Eleanor!

On Saturday morning, I had Joann and her son Nick from the Schuylerville area on the balloon flight.

On Saturday afternoon, I had Angela, Kimberly and Marolis on the balloon ride, from the Albany area and Alabama.

On the Sunday morning balloon ride, I had Alic and Robert who came down from the Rutland VT area to fly. This ended our streak of flights and good flying conditions, as the flying weather goes downhill from here for a good part of the week.

Now for the weather part for the Lake George, Saratoga Springs area – It’s gotten a bit on the dry side lately, which has made some folks fret. But hey, this is the Northeast, not the Southwest, and it will rain. Folks have a short memory about the weather, where so far this year, we went from a precipitation deficit from this past winter, to a surplus just from rain from the latter half of May, thru the early half of June, and that’s after a year where we had hugh snowfall and flooding rains. So it’s been a little dry lately, and, what do we get this week, the forecast calls for numerous chances of rain for a majority of the week into the coming weekend. Best days look like Wednesday and Sunday.