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Hot Air Balloon Ride Flying Weather and Recent Flights

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

How about that Memorial Holiday Weekend weather! For what was forecast to be a rather wet and stormy weekend, it ended up pretty nice for everyone. Unfortunately, we got snookered on doing some flights for folks with the lousy weather forecast, but, we had an unexpected beautiful day on Monday to visit and have lunch with friends, Rick and Roseann from Shelburne VT, and our son Eric, up at the Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury VT.

Tani and Rick in front of the Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury from a previous visit.


The gang enjoying good times at the Two Brothers Tavern, Tani and Roseann, Rick and Eric.


View of the bar area, me, Rick and Tani.

Now for the hot air balloon ride portion of our Memorial Holiday weekend post. The Saturday morning flight got canceled because the cold front that was supposed to pass overnight, hadn’t, and appeared to be on our doorstep during the morning flight-time. So, we delayed flying our morning pacs that came all the way from Dublin, OH to fly with us, to the afternoon flight.

Teresa and Brian from Dublin OH on the afternoon hot air balloon ride over beautiful rural Washington County.

On Sunday morning, which originally was forecast to be a wet and stormy day, we again had beautiful flying conditions to fly a nice couple that came up from the Bronx to go on a hot air balloon ride with us.

Ray and Meena on the Sunday morning balloon ride.

And now, the hot air balloon ride flying weather forecast for the coming week. So far, we haven’t received a drop of rain, even tho NWS had forecast it to be wet and stormy for most of the weekend and into the mid part of the week. There has been some rather big storms passing just to our north this morning, along a warm front that appears to be just north of Lake George. A cold front is forecast to pass thru our area this afternoon with a bang, then we get some clearing late on Wednesday, with probably windy weather on Thursday, flyable conditions on Friday, and for now, wet conditions overnight on Friday into Saturday, and possibly early Sunday. We’ll see how it all plays-out as the week goes along. As we found out this past weekend, a forecast is just a forecast, and you never know for sure until the day of…

For those that like to try to plan and keep track of the weather trends, the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) is forecasting rather wet and cool conditions for the northeast for the 1st 14 days of June. Just click the hot link above and move your mouse pointer over stuff and you’ll see their current advance forecasts.